Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In My Beauty Bag this week......

Eyeshadow on your lower lids...ever tried it?

I know what you might be thinking. Eyeshadow goes on your upper eyelid. Lets rock the make-up bag a bit and make all of our products work for us. There are two ways you could do this...eyeshadow as your eyeliner or eyeshadow over your eyeliner.

1.If you decide to use eyeshadow as your eyeliner choose a color combo that suits your coloring and use the darkest shade it has. Use a small-headed shadow brush at the base of your lower lid and swoop from the corner of your eye inward. This is such a fabulous alternative to pencil or liquid liner which can make your eyes look smaller and closed.

2. In addition to using liner, layer an eyeshadow on top for a kohl-rimmed smudged effect definitely gives you that one-two punch and its completely fool proof. "Rough" line your eyes...don't be obsessed with a perfect line...we will buff it out with a brush and shadow. With a small-headed shadow brush or a smudge applicator brush begin at the outer corner and work your way inward. The concentration of color should always be wherever you want to emphasize. In this case, starting on the outer corner and working in will help your eyes to appear larger and open even though you are lining your complete lid.

Finish with a lighter shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes to really open them up...kind of channeling Bambi with big doe eyes...that's the point ;)

My favorites....
MAC Eyeliner in "Teddy"
Physicians Formula Baked Wet/Dry Shadow

I go for the coffee version of the smoky eye...its a little more on the natural side.

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mama Dips....

Paula Deen has to have a sister in Chapel Hill by the name of Mama Dip. I must say, she gives Fred's Farmer's Market a run for their money if there ever was such a thing. I thoroughly enjoyed my vegetable plate that a vegetarian would dare not touch...vegetables aren't vegetables unless cooked with bacon right?? Daniel raved over the chicken and gravy and mac n'cheese. I think it might be our new favorite spot. Afterwards of course I came home to try to redeem myself for the "home cooking" we had partaken in and looked up a plethora of organic/healthy/low-fat recipes to put on the menu for the week....

I am soooo obsessed with over and check her out. Now, some of her recipes cater to, say, the infant and three year old in your life ;) However, a lot of her stuff is absolutely fabulous....the Balsamic Chicken, lime and maple syrup sweet potatoes, and skirt steak fajitas. Easy to make, healthy, and absolutely delicious....I think my fitness geek brother would approve ;) You can even add recipes to your online Recipe Box, I love when people make it so easy!

Adding to my beauty bag tomorrow....I am so excited ;)