Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Worn out...yet my hope is in your Word

The Hebrew letter Kaf (or Kaph)
Psalm 119

The literal meaning of the letter Kaf is "palm." I love this....the palm is the place in the body where potential is actualized. Think of all the work you do with your hands each day. From the moment you wake up, to second you drift off to sleep, our hands are constantly in motion or they are idle. Momma always said, "Idle hands are the devil's handy work." It is so true...and FYI...that's a country song, just in case you were wondering ;). Today I started to think about all that my hands do and don't do. The work that they set out to accomplish each day, is it work to better the Kingdom or is it just busy work? Do I wake up each morning focused on today's work? Or, do I wake up and miss out on today's work because I am too busy focusing on tomorrow's? For me its the latter. I often get too concerned with what God is going to do tomorrow or the next day or next year that I miss out on what He is doing today. There is definitely a balance of living for today and preparing for where God is sending us tomorrow, however, that balance is sometimes hard to find. Each day, my prayer is that I will seek to serve the least of these, to love the unlovely, to be obedient and faithful even when I am physically exhausted, to surrender these hands that I have to the Father to use as He may choose. Regardless of how our society measures success, we must hold onto and treasure the simple truth that we are here to be His hands and feet and in His eyes that is true success.

On the other "hand" of Kaf........Kaf is also the root of the word kipah. In English kipah translates into cap. Therefore, it is said "You have placed your Palm over me," meaning God's hand is over your head. I like to view His palm as an umbrella. When you are walking in the rain with an umbrella you are protected from the effects of weather around you. Now, using an umbrella implies an action, a choice, and choosing to follow God is the same. We must actively seek Him and the more we seek Him, the more we find Him....I love that. Picture it.....the maker of the Universe, the One who created the oceans and skies, the mountains and desserts, every creature and human being...He has His palm over your life. I love to visualize that....it takes me back to Sunday School as a 5 year old and singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands", except this time, His hand is over you, like an umbrella, shielding, guiding, and protecting. What an amazing God we serve that He would care enough to shield and protect the least of these... the filthy, the dirty, the weak. Someone just like me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Its Summer Time!!!! (okay...Spring...but we are getting close!)

Spring time in North Carolina is breathtaking. The blossoming trees, green shrubbery, and "pleasantville" temperature all make for an incredible picture perfect movie scene. It is honestly my favorite time of year...even in Florida ;) It is also the window in which I can see summer....my MOST favorite time of year. The amount of make-up lessens, bright nail polish comes out and everyone's relaxed vibe takes me right back to a Kenny Chesney song...there is nothing like it!

In my MakeUp bag....

I have racked up on a few of my favorite items this past week. For a gal on a budget I've learned whats important and whats not ;) I am as white as a ghost so sunless tanner is the most important thing when it comes to wearing fun summer dresses and tank tops. This chick burns like there is no tomorrow.

TanTowelHalfBodyClassic-1.jpg image by Reickster

Tan Towels are AMAZING! Use in circular motion and concentrate on even coverage and you will have NO STREAKS! The color is fab and never orange. If you want to be darker you simply use a towel a day until you have reached your desired tone. Be sure to gently exfoliate skin before hand. I use just one to preserve and only cover the major areas; arms, shoulders, decolletage, and legs. It makes your product last longer therefore getting more bang for you buck! Stay away from DOVE products while using sunless tanner. They contain mineral oil and other ingredients that eat away at the DHA found in sunless tanners that actually provides the change in pigment. Wash your hands right after and you are good to go! No standing around waiting for it to dry...you are ready in less than 3 minutes!

Right now...my favorite mascara. I love the black-brown tone and it layers so well. Swivel the brush at the base of your lashes and work through with the same movement as you coat the entire lash. Do your next eye and then return to your first eye and repeat. Two coats provides amazing volume without looking spiderish...so wonderful! Even if I don't wear make-up for the day I never leave the house without mascara. L'Oreal sells most of their mascaras in packs of two...perfect for keeping one in your purse or carry all.

OPI Nail Lacquer- DC Cherry Blossom #E19
OPI D.C. Cherry Blossom...so not a new color...but my go to right now. It is perfectly fuchsia. Cherry-Pink that is politically correct...not that I am too concerned with being p.c. these days ;) It doesn't turn coral and has no hint of red. I call it Betsey Johnson Pink....I swear she should have her own line of OPI colors...it would be AMAZING! Just a trick I learned from my sister-in-law's manicurist...Apply a base coat and a top coat before you apply your nail color. It helps to prevent chipping. Apply 2 coats and follow again with your top coat. I am not sure exactly why it works so well, but girl it works!