Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Add a little freshness to your make-up palette. Coral is the color! If you are fair skinned stick with a sheer, light coral for your lips and cheeks. If you are medium toned- coral with a pink base will suit you the best. If you have a dark complexion, bright coral will make your features pop. Remember, less is more!

Summer is just around the corner, the bronzer is back! You can break it out! Use a large powder brush and create a C shape from your cheek bone to the outer corner of your brow line. Just a light dusting is perfect to work it back into your spring make-up wardrobe. Add a coat of mascara and a little lip-gloss and call it a day!

You are beautiful, make-up or not! You are loved and prayed for!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Time....thank you LORD!

Its spring. Thats all I can say. The two sweetest words I have ever heard from the weather dude's mouth. I am certainly a huge fan of all the spring fashions and have a deep love for flowy dresses, cardigans, and adorable flats. Its also a great time to get rid of your old make-up and products and start fresh. There is nothing like swooping on a fresh new wand of mascara ;) and cleaning those make-up brushes you've used alllll winter....ooops!

In my make-up bag this week....

Glides on. Looks great in pictures (I actually used it for MJ's wedding), and for all of you sensitive skin gals (thats me) it is oil free! Yay!! Apply it with a sponge or a foundation brush for more coverage. Avoid using your fingers to apply foundation please ;) Set it with CoverGirl Mineral Veil...which has been my go to product the last few weeks. Love these...they are soooo budget friendly!!

Product Image CoverGirl True Blends Micro Mineral Foundation - Finishing Veil

To clean make-up brushes...which by the way should be done a couple of times a week not every season...I'm preaching to the choir on this one. I figure if I only use them on myself whats the harm?? They're my germs. Wrong! The oil and make-up build up can cause breakouts and effect the way your make-up glides on the skin.

To clean your make-up brushes....

Use warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap. Cup your hand under the running water and swirl your brush into the water and soap mixture. Repeat until the run-off is clear. Rinse and air-dry. A decent set of make-up brushes should last you if you take proper care of them.

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 1, 2010

From Paul Mitchell to Aveda...

Well...its no secret. I am officially property of Aveda now. I say this with a joyful spirit and maybe a little apprehension. After four years of living and breathing Paul Mitchell, from their color line to products to customer culture...I have gone to the world of pure plant based products and red pigment derived from Uruku instead of boiled beetles. Happy...yes! Crazy??? Maybe slightly. I started two weeks ago as an Aveda Institute Instructor. I will intern for license purposes and after meeting North Carolina's requirements I will be on my own!

I am still a lover of all products. You know that show about hoarders??? The one where people who are beyond being pack rats turn their lives and homes over to a professional organizer and a therapist? Okay...I don't hoard big stuff. I hoard products. If its on the market I've tried it or I've got a friend trying it. If I don't like it, I wait a week and give it one more chance before it gets chucked. I've tried so many products over the years that I have lost track. I will not, must not, forget any longer...and for the hair challenged of the world, this blog is for you ;)

In my Hair Bag this week.....

Paul Mitchell Worked Up Working Hair Spray
Love.Love.Love. Never too heavy. Great for creating curls with your flat iron. Fabulous for a messy up do. Makes your hair pliable yet gives you light hold without being sticky or freezing. Your hair still moves when you absolute must. Personally, I wear my hair up all of the time. Messy french twists, side chignons, wanna be Audry Hepburn style complete with the "bump." If my hair is clean, its too silky and won't do a darn thing. I am a dirty hair gal ;) If I've got clean hair Worked Up makes my hair dreams come true!

Big Sexy Hair- Back Comb in a Bottle
Want the bump without the "bump-it"? Avoid the Snooky look and let the bottle do the work for you. Big Hair is in if done right. Remember you aren't on a runway you're in reality, so unless you are playing dress up with your five year old, less is more. A little bit of Big Sexy Hair in the crown area is just enough to take your flat lifeless locks to voluptuous diva. Great for a night out with your sweet man.

Flower Bobby Pins from Forever 21

I don't know what I did before these!?! I have them in every color. I love that they add personality and a "vintage-esq" feel to any outfit. Put them in your up do. Use them to hold your bangs back. Attach them to your pony-tail holder. On the light side of your part, pin the hair back behind your ear. Quick and easy. No fuss. Just what I love. At $3 they are a fab addition to any accessory wardrobe.