Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

For me, summer is always a time take advantage of. The extra hours, the relaxed atmosphere, the chance to vacation....its a great time to refresh my direction and goals. However, I have had an amazing first six months of marriage. A time that has pushed me into deep growth within my heart and soul. I've had to look deep inside my heart and examine how I respond in certain situations with Daniel and how to give up my pride. There is no room for pride. As much as I would like to think that I am not prideful at times, I know that I can be and have been. Personal growth is never something that I would say feels great and comfortable like your favorite jeans, but it is absolutely necessary. My dear friend Micah always says that God uses situations in your life to smooth out the rough spots, like sand paper on a rough piece of wood. He is refining us. Isn't that amazing? The Lord loves us enough to even care about the deepest parts of our being that I would even be ashamed to admit...He cares enough to not leave us that way. I know that I personally do not deserve His grace....yet His grace is always more than enough. I love the summer. I love the summer because it always brings me back to deep intimate fellowship with my Savior. I am deeply saddened and ashamed that it takes the summer to do that. My prayer is that my summer lasts forever. I suppose the fact that life slows down during the summer is partly the reason that I seek His face more often...however, my heart longs for His face. To truly be touched by His hand and share in fellowship with His children. I am sure that many feel this way, women in particular. There just are not enough hours in the day. But what am I giving my time to that is more important than Him? Why am I giving Him what is leftover, the trash one might say, over the treasure?