Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Butson's on the pacific coast

             Every Christmas season presents us with an appropriate reason to thank all of our wonderful friends and family that have been so gracious and loving throughout the year. Kate and I want to let you know how blessed we are to have you in our lives! Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and your prayers.
As we conclude 2011, we recall what a year it has been. As many of you know, in the middle of the year, Bell Shoals Baptist Church presented me with an opportunity to be mentored and serve as the pastoral intern for a year. Though this wasn’t really even on our radar a year ago, Kate and I both knew this was of the Lord. Prior to the move back to Tampa, Katie and I were finally getting rooted in our lives in North Carolina. Katie worked many different jobs all across the Triangle and by the end of our stay found an incredible job just five minutes away from our home. During my time of schooling, Katie has been such an amazing partner in ministry and provider for our home. While in school, I had the great privilege to serve as the youth pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Chapel Hill. In this position, I had the opportunity to see many people come to know the Lord as Savior and follow through in believer’s baptism. Though we missed family and friends back home, our time in Raleigh was an incredibly sweet time for spiritual and marital growth, and nothing can really beat a spring season in Raleigh!
In August, we began a new chapter of our lives, in a new home, back in Brandon, Florida. Since moving, we have been able to reconnect with so many great friends and family. We are known around these parts as “Uncle Dee-Dee” and “Aunt Kee-Kee” by our joyful twin nephews. Though we have yet to change any poopie diapers, we are enjoying our new roles in the family. Katie is a stylist at Studio 3 Salon  with a great group of women, who she adores.  She has the honor of serving with the Lion’s Club as the Festival Liaison for the Strawberry Queen Scholarship Pageant. She is definitely soaking up her time in Plant City with friends and family for as long as the Lord would have us here.
Beyond June of next year, I will have completed the Masters in Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary and my one year pastoral internship. From that point, we are again open to what the Lord would have us do. Though starting a church is a fire burning within our hearts, we are  open to anything the Lord has for us! We know that we will be cherishing our Christmas here with family and friends. This season, we pray that Christ’s love would become abundantly clear to you and that it would spur you on to fulfill His work! Everything I mentioned about what we have been able to do this year is in light of such a good God that we serve and the great people that have supported us along the way. Each of you has had a profound influence in our testimony and we are very thankful for you!

Continued Blessings this Christmas Season,

Daniel and Katie

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please Help My Unbelief

I suppose airing out your day to day struggles might, at times, be frowned upon by society. We put up walls, pretend to be perfect, and create an illusion that even though we know life isn't perfect, our life is pretty close to it. But, hey, since when have I ever made a decision because it might be "frowned" upon? No more walls. No more pretending. I don't serve society, I serve God. I remember my youth pastor's wife telling me when I was 13 to never feel alone. Not only has God prepared every step for you, but He is walking with you, and there is another believer out in the world who is feeling or has felt the same thing....You are not alone.

Most days I would say I find joy in the small things. My favorite song on the radio, a reminder of God's love, my husband's sweet voice bellowing through the house as I walk in the door. My "most days" have been pretty hard to find lately. The darkness sets in and the enemy some how finds a way to sit on the throne in my head. I don't battle addictions to alcohol or drugs, or shopping (well, maybe the shopping sometimes ;) My battles are fought completely in my own head. Some times they are self created, some times I succumb to the attack of the enemy, and some times I am just too tired to fight back. Most of these battles remind me of a song loop, never ending and repetitive. Self-defeat, unbelief, and the mere thought that being me is simply just not enough. I have moments when I am not sure....not sure about anything. All of this coming from a girl who had a 20 year plan at the age of 5. And all of this coming from a girl married to a pastor, the guilt that I feel is sometimes simply unbearable. How do I minister to others, to my high school girls, how can God use someone who is constantly battling a lack of faith in her own life. How can He use someone who quite simply feels as if she has nothing left to give. How can He use me and why would He want to?

Moving here, to Raleigh, has been the best thing I have ever experienced. It has been the hardest, please don't get me wrong. But I have been pushed out of my comfort zone time and time again and forced to rely on God, myself, and my husband...because that really is all that I have. I've taken my self-worth and rested it on the shoulders of a job, a degree, a paycheck, a title, a status...only to find myself right back at square one. When will I learn? God has been trying to teach me the same lesson for four years, and how many times will He try and how many times will it take for me to finally have an "Ah-Ha" moment? I have voluntarily placed myself on a merry-go-round all the while knowing how I can get off of it, but choosing not to. I know the Sunday School answers, I know what the Bible says, heck, I even know what I would say to a gal in my own position. But when the tables are turned, when will I know, and really know, that my identity is found in Christ. My worth is found in Christ. My tomorrows belong to Him. Every tear I have cried or will ever cry has passed through His hands. Every heartache, every joy, every blessing, every sorrow has and will pass through His hands. How long must I wait? And in the midst of the chaos in my head, God gently whispers to me that it is not a matter of waiting. I am not waiting on Him. He is waiting on me, to fully surrender; my plans, my pride, my life, my everything. To realize that I was never meant to do this on my own. He has been eagerly waiting for me to cry out His name, to put my foolish pride away and to see who I am in light of the Cross, not in light of this world.

Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.  Ps. 143:8 (NLT)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Ms. Dana,
If you read this, I hope you don't mind that I posted this picture. It has been on my phone for a couple of years now. That smile still inspires and touches lives. 
She is forever loved. And so are you. 

Weddings. Weddings. and MORE Weddings.

Love Weddings. Love Brides.


Well Elizabeth (check her blog out)....I am jumping on the 30for30 totally inspired me with all of your fabulous remixes. So, 30 pieces from my wardrobe, 30 different outfits, 30 days of only shopping my closet. LOVE. IT.

I always feel a little strange blogging...I certainly don't think that anyone needs (or wants for that matter!) to know what I do every second of everyday and just how many pieces of Hershey's dark chocolate I have consumed in a 24 hour period...if you read this, bless your soul. If it brings the slightest bit of joy to you...even better. Some of you I know and I pray for your often, for those of you I don't know, I pray for you too; That God's love would be so present in your life and that as the world fails us daily, He is unfailing. His love is unfailing.

I got off topic...story of my life. we go! The original 30for30 gal....check her out. My blog hero...okay my second blog hero. Ms. Ruth (the beautiful life) you are my first ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hunter Green....the new fall make-up color. DO or DON'T?

Favorite Fall Fashions:

 Hunter Green Eye Make-Up.
We've gone from the smokey eye, to the chocolate smokey eye, onto the green smokey eye. All the same rules apply....make your eyes the focal point of your face. Keep lips and cheeks to neutrals tones to keep away what my Mom so affectionately calls the "Jezebel" mistake ;) Less is more....Less is more

I am not her biggest fan, however, she always gets it right with her make-up.
Just a side note...if you notice in the left hand corner of this picture the powder underneath the models eye...that is an AWESOME technique to use with smokey eyes or when you are using a lot of color. Take loose powder, use your index and middle finger to pack the powder underneath your eye from the inside working out. This will serve as a little buffer area to catch any shadow particles that fall during application. When you have completed your eyes...take a large powder brush and dust off in an outward motion. LOVE.

Boots. Boots. Boots.
I am in love. And the best part is that they are all under $50 and available at target. The rain boots come in a rainbow of colors...I fancy the Navy Blue ;)

Olivia would be so proud. I am finally a lover of all things Anthropologie. I am building my version of Anthropologie through the creations of Target and Forever fun. 

I promised I would never jump on this bandwagon. I am a wide-leg-sailor-style kinda pant girl. Well, I lied to myself. I bought my first pair and I have just about warn them out after three weeks. I am certain my co-workers think I only own one pair of pants. They are so versatile. Heels, Flats, Flowy Tops, Sweaters, Belted Button-Downs, dressy, casual....they are a mainstay in my wardrobe now...I've crossed over to the dark side of the denim world.

Lastly...My favorite Fall DO
A Girls Night Out...

These are some of my favorite gals....a few are missing. It was so wonderful to have some of my favorite women in one room. I was tickled pink (as my Nana used to say). 
If you haven't been to Sundown Southern Eatery in Winter Haven you are missing out! 

Love. Always.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hem Gems

Wow...these are rocking my world! I totally wish I would've thought of this...but I adore these gals for creating such a wonderful product!

I have short legs....ask my has been his joy in life to remind me of how long and lean his are...and how mine...well...are not! He got the Jimison height, I got the Sharer build....which I am quite content and very happy with ;)

If you are like me, you have to have multiple pair of your favorite for heels, one for flats, and one for those in between fabulous shoes that you absolutely had to have that do not fall in the high-heel category or the flats category. 

Check out

1 set of 8 will allow you to instantly hem your favorite denim in no time....and its not permanent!!! Ya!